Spring and Summer are perfect for showing off a home for sale. Bright, sunny weather and colorful landscapes can attract buyers to come out and see your property. But with so many houses on the market, how can you make yours stand out? We've found that a good first impression can make a huge difference in a buyer's perspective of a property.

Focus on your five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, sound. Be sure to attend to any problems areas that might affect any of these senses, and highlight any features that delight them. Let your listing agent know about special property features that they can showcase in the listing information and photos, and talk with him/her about ways to improve the problem areas. For example, you want good clean photos with nice lighting and attractive angles. Visual stimulation is the first impression a buyer will likely be exposed to, so make it count. Upon entering a home, a light, clean smell can be welcoming, but artificial scents and/or smoky or food odors can immediately turn a buyer off.

Make sure to put forth your best effort each time a potential buyer visits your home. Take extra measures to ensure the place is in top shape, and work with your realtor to address any potential issues. Having a realtor on your side is one of the best tools you can engage. He or she will be able to put experience and market knowledge to work to help you get the most out of your time and efforts and ultimately, your property.

For realtors, take a look at this article from Trulia's Blog for more ideas about highlighting luxury features: